Leather Bag Care and Cleaning

So now you’ve purchased your beautiful new leather handbag – and you would like to stay it that way! Leather requires special handling and maintenance to stay it looking and wearing its best.

First of all, remember not all leather is made equal! There are alternative ways to worry for and clean leather , suede leather, and finished leather bags.

Here are some tips that ought to keep your bag looking it are best for years to come:

Patent Leather

Patent leather requires the smallest amount amount of care, because it already features a protective coating of varnish or lacquer applied within the final steps of tanning.

It’s a hard finish, not very breathable, but meaning it’s much less vulnerable to stains and easier to wash. You can find latest collection of leather shoulder bag here.

A quick wipe-down with a light soap and preferably water (as water often has dulling elements of chlorine and minerals) is usually all that’s needed.

To restore the luster when needed, use a top quality silicon product applied with a soft, clean cloth.

Never, ever use a wax or Vaseline on patent leather! it’ll become a dust magnet instantly, and begin to seem muddy and dull.

Suede Leather

While suede is certainly beautifully supple and soft to the touch, it’s often the toughest to wash and maintain, and is extremely vulnerable to staining and discoloration.

Of course the primary thing to recollect for suede is, keep it faraway from water! it’s no protective coating to protect it.

You can apply conditioning or waterproofing products to assist protect your bag, often available at shoe repair shops; you ought to also invest during a soft suede brush, and use it every 3 to 4 months to get rid of surface dirt and renew the nap of the suede.

If your bag does get wet, allow it to dry naturally. Suede will dry stiff, so brush the nap gently to revive it.

When brushing the nap, always remember to brush in one direction. Circular brushing may damage the nap.

If you get a grease or stain , try applying talcum and allowing it to take a seat for twenty-four hours, and brush gently.

Another stain removal remedy that’s been highly useful on a spread of stains and scuff marks may be a natural or uncolored pencil eraser! But avoid using vigorous force; again, be gentle.

Under no circumstances do you have to use soap or any water based product to wash suede items.

Finished Leather

Moisturize often. Leather needs oils to stay it supple. A conditioning cream like leather soap will serve your bag well.

Applying protective conditioners before use and at regular intervals (at least twice a year) will help prevent your bag from drying out, cracking and marking . Also, it is a good idea to use a leather protector. Leather cleaners and protectors are often found at almost any shoe fix-it shop .

Always apply products with a clean soft cloth, never on to the leather because it may cause staining.

Some stains are often removed with ordinary chalk powder! Crush white chalk and let it sit on the stain for twenty-four hours, then just dust off with a clean cloth.

Keep in mind that your leather bag will age with a natural darkening of the colour over time.

General Tips for All Leather Bags

If your bag should get wet, allow it to air dry naturally. Never, under any circumstances, use a heater or hair dryer! this may dehydrate and damage the leather.

Never use cleaning solvents or chemicals on a leather bag. Remember, leather may be a natural product, so use natural products on it!

Keep any small items you would possibly carry that would leak (like cosmetics or pens) inside a pouch.

When storing your bag, stuff it with paper or bubble wrap to carry its shape. Never use a bag to store it in, because it can emit chemicals which may damage the leather, or encourage the expansion of mildew as it isn’t a breathable material. Use a vacuum bag or natural fibre pillowcase.

Remember, an honest leather bag is an investment. Following the following pointers to properly look after your investment will make sure you enjoy your beautiful leather bag for several years to return .

Janet Black

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